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Find the right workplace pension scheme provider for your business.

Auto enrolment is coming, and it will have a major impact on all employers. If you run a business, the UK’s new auto enrolment legislation states that you will need to implement a workplace pension scheme for you and your workforce before you reach your staging date.

As the employer, it is your responsibility to assess your workforce and identify which individuals you will need to enrol into your pension scheme. You are then required to make regular contributions towards your employees’ pensions.

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What is the Workplace Pension Consultancy?

The Workplace Pension Consultancy Limited has been established by a long standing, fully regulated, independent financial services company. Our workplace pension and auto enrolment specialists work with employers to help them meet the demands of government legislation to automatically enrol certain staff into a workplace pension scheme prior to their allocated staging date.

Our consultants have developed a system that regularly researches the market place for workplace pension providers, ensuring that we can introduce our clients to a specialist workplace pension provider that can meet their needs.

As an independent financial services company with many years of experience, our auto enrolment specialists can, through The Workplace Pension Consultancy Ltd, provide the support and solutions needed to help you implement your workplace pension scheme.

When the workplace pension/auto enrolment legislation was initially introduced to encourage the UK workforce to save for their retirement, most businesses saw this as something that would not affect them until way in the future.

But the future is here now. You need to seek auto enrolment pension advice sooner rather than later; you need to make sure that you have a comprehensive pension plan in place for your workers, and that the correct investment funds are available.


Your staging date

Your staging date is your deadline. By this point, you need to ensure you have complied with the new auto enrolment legislation and have your workplace pension scheme in place. To find out when your deadline is, please click on the link.

Staging Date Calculator

You will need your PAYE ref number to hand.

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