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By completing and submitting this form you are requesting The Workplace Pension Consultancy Ltd to use your information to recommend a suitable Workplace pension provider  for you and your workforce.


Employer's Details

Public Limited Company
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Partnership
Sole Trader
Unincorporated Association

Payroll System

Run in house
Outsourced to a payroll service company
Outsourced to an accountant

In House

Payroll Service

Same as company accountant

Point of Contact
Same as above

The person responsible for the implementation of the scheme may delegate to a Primary Point of Contact (POC) for scheme enquiries

Your payroll system must be able to 'talk to the' Workplace Pension Provider.

Person Responsible for Implementation
Same as business owner

Pension Details

£499.00With a 50% Early Bird discount applied
Enter your staging date to see if you qualify.



The Pension Regulator categorises the 'Workforce' as: 'Eligible', 'Non Eligible' and 'Entitled'. Your entire workforce will need to be pre-assessed and categorised.

Payroll System
Payroll Provider

Contribution Levels

Employer's Staging dateMinimum contribution Levels
 Employer Minimum ContributionEmployee Minimum ContributionTotal Minimum Contribution
Up to 30/09/171%1%2%
01/10/17 to 30/09/182%3%5%
01/10/18 Onwards3%5%8%


I would like my workplace pension scheme employer contributions to start at:

A single investment fund
Multiple investment funds

Data Usage

Using your information: The Workplace Pension Consultancy Ltd (TWPC Ltd) will be storing information from this document on computer and may wish to contact you informing you of other products and/or services.

How and why do we hold your information: TWPC Ltd may keep information that you give to a member of TWPC Ltd, or a member of TWPC Ltd find out through its dealings with you, in various ways. This includes holding information on TWPC Ltd’s shared computer systems, which will be accessible by all of TWPC Ltd. TWPC Ltd will use this information for the purpose of providing services to you, to assess and analyse (credit scoring, market and product analysis), to review, improve and develop the services we offer and to give you relevant information through our marketing programme. TWPC Ltd will also give you information (by post, telephone, email or otherwise) about TWPC Ltd products which may interest you unless you tell us that you do not want to receive this information (referred to in this document as “marketing information”).

Please contact me by telephone for marketing purposes
Please send my marketing information by mail
Please send my marketing information by email

Subject to this, any member of TWPC Ltd may contact you by telephone, mail, email. Copies of the proposal form or any other documentation may also be held. These may contain sensitive personal data as defined by legislation e.g. health details. Sensitive personal data will only be used to provide and administer the services or products applied for. By submitting this application you explicitly consent to TWPC Ltd processing your sensitive personal data as described above and below. Please inform us in writing to the address below if you do not wish for such information to be retained.

To comply with financial legislation and for auditing purposes, we may hold details about your relationship with us after it has ended. This will also help us answer any future queries that may arise. We will not hold this information longer than we have to.

TWPC Ltd may give information about you, your application and your dealing with us to:

  • Our employees and agents, including pension provides and insurers, to deal with accounts, products and services we provide or hope to provide to you, including marketing information, on the understanding that they keep your information confidential;
  • Credit reference agencies or other organisations who may use or give out information for credit assessment to trace debtors, and other agencies to confirm your identity and in the prevention of fraud and money laundering
  • Anyone to whom we transfer or may transfer our right and duties to under agreement with you.
  • Anyone we legally have to inform, or if the law allows us to do so; and
  • Where you require information on any regulated product you explicitly consent to TWPC Ltd passing your information to London Region Financial Services Ltd.

How can you find out what information we hold: You are entitled, by law, to copy of any personal data (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998) held by TWPC Ltd or any member of TWPC Ltd which is a data controller (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998). You can also ask TWPC Ltd to correct any incorrect data held about you. If you want to see this data or correct any incorrect data held, please contact the Office Manager, Suite 86 Waterhouse Business Centre, Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2QE. A fee will be payable.

I understand that TWPC Ltd will spot check my details with one or more fraud prevention agencies and that if any information I have provided is false or inaccurate and TWPC Ltd suspects fraud, it will keep record of this. I am aware that these organisations may keep a record of the search. The organisations may also allow other organisations to use these records when assessing applications for credit, or for other services, for example, tracing and recovering debts, preventing fraud and for identification purposes.


This section must be read and signed by the person who has the authority to enter into a contract for and/or on behalf of the employer. It is very important that this online application form is completed carefully and that the information provided is set out clearly, accurately and is complete. Failure to provide us with complete information may cause delays in implementing your workplace pension scheme, which may, if delayed past the employer’s initial staging date, incur financial penalties by The Pension Regulator.

I have read the section entitled “Data Usage” and consent to the use, processing (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998), disclosures and transfers of information and data as described in it.

I, the applicant as named above, apply for workplace pension scheme for and on behalf of the business as named above.

I understand that The Workplace Pension Consultancy Limited is under no obligation to implement the Workplace Pension Scheme applied for, in respect to this application, until the adequately completed application form has been received by The Workplace Pension Consultancy Limited and the agreed payments been met.

I understand that it is my responibility to ensure that I have a qualifying pension scheme in place prior to my initial staging date and not that of The Workplace Pension Consultancy Limited.

By submitting this online application form I confirm that I have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, which accompany this application.

I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions

Total - £1,000.00

Please click below to authorise payment. Once we receive confirmation from the payment provider. We will then take the authorised payment and process your application.
Your money will be held by our payment provider in escrow for 1 week, so you can cancel at any time during that period.

If you have any problems with the payment process, please contact us on

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