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How It Works

Finding You a Workplace Pension Provider

Here, we explain what you are required to do in light of the new workplace pension legislation, and how The Workplace Pension Consultancy Ltd can help you implement the necessary changes to your business.

What needs to be done?

The government now requires employers to:


Assess your workforce

You need to know who is “eligible”, “non-eligible” and “entitled” to a workplace pension, and ensure you enrol them into your company’s pension scheme.

Set up a pension scheme

You will need to choose a pension provider and set aside the necessary funds for you and your workforce.

Liaise with payroll

Whether you manage your payroll in house or outsource to an external agency, your payroll provider will need to communicate with the chosen workplace pension scheme provider. You will need to communicate, individually, with your workforce to ensure they receive the statutory correspondence you send them. You must also keep records to show that this correspondence has been received.

The Solution

The Workplace Pension Consultancy Ltd can take the hassle out of the entire process. We can:

• Save you time and money
• Provide a suitable pension scheme and the investment funds
• Supply you with the tools to enable your payroll to “speak” to the pension provider
• Help with your regulatory requirements to communicate with your workforce (and keep records of all correspondence).

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